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Notes from the Principal

Published on 10/18/2019

There are many social and emotional issues surrounding young people and children in our culture. Among the ones that can most impact students is bullying. As someone who was bullied as a child and as a teen, I know very well the kind of effect it can have on the victims of bullying. While we do not have the rate and intensity of bullying that many other schools have, it still exists at Edmonds Heights and we all have a stake.We have some existing procedures that you can follow if you see or experience bullying. In addition, The Edmonds School District is revising its bullying and harassment policies to bring them up to date. Lastly, the Equity Team is studying Restorative Justice and will be seeking input from the community to recommend new Edmonds Heights procedures for repairing relationships and holding people accountable for hurtful behavior like bullying. Bullying is unwanted or aggressive behavior where there is a power imbalance between the bully and the bullied. It is generally repetitive and has an impact on the victim at school. It can happen in formal and informal learning environments and can happen outside of school (cyberbullying, as an example). All of these unwanted acts can be reported by coming to the office, telling someone, and filling out a very short HIB form. Verbal and written reports will generate a response which will include interviewing the victim and any witnesses, and interviewing the perpetrator. It can take some time because students’ schedules can vary widely, but we can generally get to the bottom of these situations. Stay tuned for information about forums, trainings, and opportunities to contribute.

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