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Notes from the Principal June 4, 2021- Reflections on Reflection

This is the time of year that we educators reflect on our school year with our supervisors. Even in the maelstrom of May and June, getting the time to talk about your experience and your practice is generative, and it feels supportive and buoying to be seen and heard.

This year’s reflections have been especially poignant for me for two reasons. First is that Covid has changed the nature of our work and how we cultivate and care for our relationships with our families. Second, it is my last year at EH and our last chance to share about how we feel about each other and our experiences together these last few years.

I heard a lot about what our staff did and experienced in support of families. I learned that many families came to campus regularly for materials pick-up as the only time they left the house. I learned that our teachers and staff scheduled and spent longer hours on the phone or in zoom connecting with parents and kids far away. I learned how much students appreciate video feedback in Canvas, and connecting during office hours. These are just a few examples of how our staff adjusted to meet your needs and to continue to be who they are- intrepid and compassionate leaders and educators.

I have enjoyed reflecting on the last eight years with my colleagues. We have shared smiles and tears, and fondness and pride in the work that we have accomplished together. I am grateful for these conversations- they have grounded me in joy and contentment at a time of chaos crossing a veil to another job world, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to our new home in Chimacum.

Looking back and looking forward, and trying to stay present for it all...

With gratitude,

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